Herb Westphalen will create original personalized Signature Wedding Cocktails that truly have your signature. They convey your message to your guests and are designed to showcase the bond between every unique couple.

Each drink is:

  • incredibly delicious, composed of flavors that fit your taste and event,
  • styled & garnished for exquisite presentation,
  • tailored for your special day with color, cocktail style, favorite spirits, meaningful design elements and
  • crafted with practical application for large or small-scale venues and ease of execution by Herb or the event staff.

The process includes:

  • an initial consultation with the couple, in person or by phone and internet,
  • a review of the couple’s focus for the cocktail,
  • exchange of important details for the couple’s “Personal Cocktail Story™.”
  • a tasting of 2-4 different, original cocktails with final presentation.

Here is an example of three choices presented to one of my wonderful couples, Jennifer & Sammy:

The cost of your entire package starts at $500 for one or $800 for two (one Bride, one Groom) along with the Original Recipe, Detailed Mixing Instructions & Photo for the venue & staff and Framed “Personal Cocktail Story™” display (see samples of some below). Some unique garnishes may be additional.

The Bride & Groom’s  “Personal Cocktail Story™,” can be displayed on the bar or at the cocktail station during your event and will be a beautiful keepsake.

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